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April 23, 2008, 10:44 am
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NEWS’ Summer Time PV has been released! I really think I’ve raved and fangirled about it enough already – twice and the single isn’t even close to being released yet – but the PV is out! And the PV is terrific, so terrific. (Click on caps for full size)

(Download it – Megaupload)

We’re talking a five minute video of just NEWS fooling around in a beach house – and somehow, it manages to not get old. The song is a jumpy summer song, and the video doesn’t disappoint with all the cheerful energy it has. It also doesn’t lay easy on the cute – group hugs, cooking, puppies, toys, overdoses of the infamous member-ai – they really brought it all out on this one.

NEWS has been trying a lot out lately in terms of image ever since they returned from hiatus last year. With “Hoshi wo Mezashite,” they were sophisticated. In “weeeek,” they were playful. “Taiyou no Namida” was their mature, sexy song. And with “Summer Time,” they are back to playful.

Every Johnny’s group has a gimmick: KAT-TUN markets their sexiness, Kanjani8 uses their Kansai roots to emphasize their funniness, Arashi sells the happy and gay. NEWS has always been the good boys you’d bring home to your mother group, but they’re getting more personality as a group lately. I think they’re somewhat a mix of the other group’s gimmicks – they play and laugh around while still looking hot and sexy, and love each other with their “member ai” – but not to the extent of Arashi – and add in a large dose of cute, having the members that can actually pull off making faces and peace-signing without looking too forced. Some could see this as being bland, I see it as having the most natural and multifaceted image – because really, who can be just sexy or fun or gay all the time?

Overall, “Summer Time” is definitely a delightful release in time for summer. The song is catchy and laid-back (I especially love the rap part), the video is one of the best in their videography (I think they’re finally getting a decent budget for their releases, thank goodness) and I can’t wait until the live performances start. 🙂

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omg i love this song and the pv massu is really too adorable!!

thatnks for the download link

Comment by Mikari

finally a massu-focused PV xD its about time he got some screentime TwT
yamapi finally got his lower teeth aligned (must have taken lots of time and pain T3T hooo) i love this pv alot xD the song in refreshing too *_* i’m glad its a happy catchy tune in the summer heat xDDD
what i dont like is how they are all tanned T_T i dont like koyama’s hair color Dx i guess he shot this one at the same time as loss time life or something 😡
thanks for the PV download xD is it high quality? *_*

Comment by renoa

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