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WaT – Toki wo Koete ~Fantastic World~
April 17, 2008, 3:11 am
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WaT’s new single, “Toki wo Koete ~Fantastic World~” will drop April 23rd.

WaT’s releases haven’t interested or inspired me for the past year or so. I don’t enjoy their solo work, and together they are, for lack of a better term, boring. It’s always midtempo, with WaT singing a sweet tune while strumming lightly on their guitars – mellow, cheerful, and unmemorable. I don’t even remember what Yume no Tochuu actually sounds like. Still, I hold hope – I enjoyed a lot of their slightly earlier works (“5 Centi” or “Boku no Kimochi”… and I liked “Bokura no Love Story” too) and know that they could make extremely enjoyable and at least slightly inspired pop.

I wouldn’t say “Toki wo Koete ~Fantastic World~” is particularly inspired, but it’s a giant improvement over “Yume no Tochuu.” There’s slightly a more upbeat rock sound and also incorporates some light synth inserts, making the sound more varied. The song is still happy and mellow, but the rhythm changes during the chorus give a bit of a twist. It’s still not that memorable and not a song that gets stuck in my head, but at least I can remember what the chorus sounds like this time around.

As a duo, WaT’s music is like pop-rock doped on Ritalin – they’re always cheerful and mellow, every song, every time. They have a great sound, but there’s only so many songs two people strumming on guitars can sing when their songs seem to only convey one feeling. I can’t say that their releases are bad, because musically they’re well constructed and mix well – I just wish that one day I can listen to one of their new songs and feel like I’m actually hearing something new.

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yea me too: hoping to listen to a new original tune of WaT other than their strumming-guitar-songs or koike’s harmonica.

Comment by renaye

woooooooooow!! that’s mean after 2 days \(^O^)/..
and this song is coooooool 8).. just cos teppei chan looooool xD.. thanx for news ^^

Comment by Suki Matsuura

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