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HAPPY! – episode 1 and 2
April 13, 2008, 8:09 pm
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HAPPY! is a new NTV show on Friday nights hosted by electropop trio Perfume, CanCam model Tokuzawa Naoko, and comedienne Nishioka Sumiko. On the show, they go over celebrity blogs and also have fun information for the girls to play around with. It’s something like a high-tension girl’s variety show – bringing an odd mix of female celebrities together for interesting show presence and talking about topics girls would enjoy.

I actually don’t understand much what the show is about but it’s a short lighthearted watch, even if I don’t understand much Japanese. It’s a five person show, but it’s obviously focused on Perfume, and has lots of cute moments with all the girls. …And, let’s be honest, it’s not like I’m genuinely that interested in celebrity blogs as much as in seeing Perfume. (Sorry for the bad quality screenshots, I youtubed these two episodes.)

Episode 1

The opening introduces everyone – standard introductions. The Perfume girls marvel at how cute Naoko looks. Check it out where A-chan pulls off a high-pitched version of Nishioka’s introduction “Nishioka Sumiko da yooo” that leaves her speechless. XD

Afterwards, the VTR goes over Naoko’s blog – and finds a piece about a restaurant about tomatoes. Cue a cart filled with heirloom tomatoes pushed out! Everyone enjoys it like fruit, except for Kashiyuka, who doesn’t like tomatoes. They make her try one – and the look on her face is priceless. They then get a bottle of 15000 yen tomato juice ($150 for tomato juice, really now Japan?). A-chan pours it out (spilling a little, which makes Nishioka make a ruckus, which A-chan shoos off) and they drink. Of course everyone says it’s delicious – except for poor Kashiyuka.

Next, the VTR goes over Perfume’s blogs – Kashiyuka’s hamsters, Nocchi’s picture of a gecko, and A-chan’s… sign. The announcer tries his best to imitate Perfume by reading in a high pitched voice and making all the cute sounds on the blog… it doesn’t work for him, but it sounds funny to me. They talk over those – apparently Kashiyuka gives the hamsters high speed heart massage? I have no idea but the way Kashiyuka does it is adorable.

To end, there’s a small portion of “Polyrhythm” performed live. On the side, Naoko and Sumiko murmur “kawaii” to each other over and over. Even they are not immune to the charm of Perfume!

Episode 2

Perfume marvels over Naoko’s look again. They go over a few celebrity blogs that talked about foods, then they bring out some of the featured foods. The vegetable cakes from Potager look especially delicious, but apparently the taste… is questionable. They’re cute looking cakes that are vegetable flavored – I can’t imagine how it’d actually taste. They also bring out the pastries that have their faces printed onto it – and they decide to cut and share Nishioka Sumiko’s, much to her joking protest.

They go to the talk session, where Naoko talks about skincare. Next, since Naoko or some other CanCam model talked about curry nabe (hotpot) on her blog, the girls share a pot. They talk over things like diet and exercise – and then Nishioka goes to show her aerobic headstand exercise, which I hope is just a joke because it looks painful. And right during the headstand, the girls end the show – cheeky girls. Lastly, there’s a cute promo for Perfume’s “GAME” album.

This show is quite enjoyable – I’d like it better if I could actually understand (will I ever figure out Naoko’s advice on skincare?) but it’s pretty short and fun, and the girls have nice interactions. It’s an unlikely mix of hosts, but it works out. A-chan pretty much takes hold of the show, but everyone else has their moments too. Perfume, and A-chan especially, seem to like picking on Nishioka, and it is pretty funny. I’ll blog this for now as it does seem pretty interesting (and, well, because it’s somehow become my life mission or something to help the world love Perfume :)).

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