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Perfume – “Secret Secret” and the GAME album
April 11, 2008, 1:45 am
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Unless you’ve been completely ignoring J-pop venues for awhile, you’ll have heard of these girls: Perfume. Produced by Nakata of Capsule. Electro-pop trio who made it big last year with “Polyrhythm” and even bigger this year with “Baby Cruising Love.” Their album “GAME” is going to drop next week.

I am so hyped for this album, more so than any album this year so far – it is going to be FANTASTIC.

Take a look at the tracklist:

1. Polyrhythm
2. plastic smile
4. Baby cruising Love
5. Chocolate Disco
6. Macaroni
7. Ceramic Girl
8. Take me Take me
9. Secret Secret
10. Butterfly
11. Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow
12. Puppy love

Five of the songs on the album were previously released singles; all of which, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate 8 or above.

But what makes a studio album is the new songs; otherwise, it’d just be a best album. So far two songs have been released – “Ceramic Girl” and “Secret Secret.” I like the former too, but as the latter’s PV was just released, I’ll solely talk about it.

And now, here is where I have to give a warning: you canNOT listen to Perfume in anything but good quality. In fact, it’s best you check out the dance too. Perfume is not just about music, it’s a performing package – Nakata’s spectacular producing, someone’s genius choreography and production, and the girls’ talent and performance presence. “Secret Secret” has had a rather poor quality radio rip out for awhile; I heard it and thought the song was good! Then the PV came.

First of all, the little nuances of the music that got lost in the radio rip are finally starting to come out – when you can hear the changes in depth and the layers of sounds the song sounds so much more impressive. And then there’s the performance. The video is brilliantly directed, with a great futuristic mod theme and cheekily dipping into Perfume’s older discography. And Perfume themselves always amaze me. To pull off actually performing to this genre of music is difficult and some end up looking uncomfortable performing to electronic – but Perfume embody it. Their dance, their aura, their attitude – this is their sound and their image.

I don’t know how much of this is just my own enthusiasm; I made my roommate listen to “Secret Secret” and she hated it. (She does hate electronic in general though.) Electronic is one of those tricky genres that even open minded people can’t sometimes enjoy; if someone raved about some amazing death metal, I probably wouldn’t be able to get into it however I try. But I like electronic and it, like so many other Perfume songs, just touch me in a right way.

I really can’t judge “GAME” based on just a few songs I like, but at the rate Perfume is going, “GAME” is looking to be absolutely amazing. (Have they even put out a bad song in the past two, three years?) Think of this as uncontainable premature enthusiasm, since there’s few J-pop releases that can make me feel excited like this nowadays. I’ll probably rave more about it when it actually comes out, and I hope I won’t be alone. ūüôā

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yes yes.. it’s going to be fantastic!!

Comment by renaye

Oh man. I’m so excited about this release.
I’ve only ever been super excited about one other band’s album release, and that was La Casa Azul, which was released a few months ago.

The first single from that album that they released was “La Revoluci√≥n Sexual” which coincidentally enough, reminds me a lot of this video. The whole android aspect to the characters and everything. You should check it out. The music style is a bit different. They’re more based on Disco and Japanese Shibuya Pop rather than Electro.

I love them both so much!
Both are my favorites.


Now about the song itself.
Oh man, this song gives me the chills.
It’s so amazingly beautiful.
I was sitting here, with my eyes wide open, wondering how it was possible for people to create such lovely sounds. It’s amazing.

The way it starts out is intense.
So amazing.

I’ll stop now before a vein pops from excitement haha.

‚̧ Ram√≥n

Comment by Ramón Castellón

The album’s out, and all I can say is-your anticipation is worth its perfection.=3

Comment by clowezra

I really like perfume, im happy for their success.

Comment by Densuke

[…] not like I hated their new songs – they still got a fair amount of listens. But unlike some of their earlier songs I didn’t get that spark from some of those releases – it sounded standard J-pop, or […]

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