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Yamapi Gets Mobbed by Fans in Korea
April 8, 2008, 12:13 am
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This has been circulating madly amongst NEWS and Yamapi fans, but for those who don’t know yet: a few days ago, Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS, probably better known now as Yamapi) went on a private trip to Korea with his friend Shirota Jun (D-Boy’s Shirota Yuu’s brother) and his manager. It went all well, but news of his trip somehow leaked on the sixth, and at the airport for his return flight… well, I’ll let the video speak for itself. (You might want to turn down the volume.)

(edit 4/23/2008 – original YT video taken down, Mezamishi news report substituted)

More than a thousand fans turned up at the airport in just hours; since this was a private trip, there was not enough security at the airport to handle this. After he arrived, the fans just all mobbed him. While fighting to get his way through, he had his shirt ripped, was grabbed at, had hair pulled out, and a gift thrown at him. His manager and Shirota were angry at the fans and reportedly cursed, but Yamapi stayed silent and even gave a wave. However, as the fancam shows, as soon as he entered the gates he collapsed onto his knees.

Fangirls are universally pretty crazy; that’s a given. Japanese fans scream and wave uchiwas and some stalk their idols, but it’s a general given that Chinese fans are crazier with their idols, and Korean fans are the most enthusiastic of all. You always see Korean bands like DBSK and Super Junior surrounded by fans.

I love Yamapi, so I have a big personal say in this, but I think it is absolutely disgusting what these girls are doing. Screaming I get, mobbing I get – but to almost physically attack your idol? And another video – without sound, but watch for at around 15 seconds in:

(edit 4/23/2008 – YT video taken down, download soundless clip here)

Even amongst the madness, he helps a girl who has fallen in the frenzy stand up – and what does she do? Hold her camera up right to his face. Many Korean netizens are shocked and disgusted by the whole incident, saying that the whole event is a terrible representation of Korea on the international front of entertainment.

I am extremely proud of how Yamapi handled himself in this situation. Say what you will about this kind of attention being the price of fame – very, very few people can withstand this madness and still hold his composure and temper, even think to wave goodbye. This is a man who loves his fans, is kind to them even when they are literally attacking him. I have so much respect for him – just from this incident he’s really shown his poise as a celebrity.

As for the fans – I’m going to have to say I’m not surprised. If there’s one thing I’ve found inherently different between Japanese and Korean entertainment, it’s that Japanese entertainment revolves around the idols, while Korean entertainment revolves around the fans. Let’s use two examples of companies with male idols: Johnny’s Entertainment and SM Entertainment. Korean fans of idols will stalk, mob, protest; anti-fans will attack; SM will do nothing. You have idols rushed everywhere, dangerous and obsessive fans and anti-fans, and the insane stake-out of Super Junior fans protesting a possible company move – and the company doesn’t do much.

But in Johnny’s, the fans respect the idol. Or they don’t have to – if a large group of fans do something Johnny’s disapproves of, they will cut the fans off. After Nagoya fans displayed some rude behavior, they were cut off from concert tours. JE made an attempt to put KAT-TUN out in America a few years ago, but they seemed to pull back after their appearance at the Nisei Parade had some rude fan behavior. After some unruly behavior, artists themselves have asked the fans to behave.

If I were a JE fan in Korea, I would be furious right now – it seems imminent that JE will be cutting off Korea for awhile. Recently, there have been a few moves to appeal to Korean fans, on the part of Arashi performing at a world music festival and even holding a concert there. After this incident, though, the likeliness of other or any groups performing in Korea anytime soon seems slim to none. The Korean fans have proven that they love Yamapi; at the same time, this probably drives him further from them.

I am furious with these Korean fans who were involved; I feel like I have every right to judge them so. I’ve known about crazy fan behavior of this level in the past, but never to an idol that I personally followed. To see him hold himself up until the end, at which time he just collapses, hurts. Call me crazy too, but I’ve put an emotional investment in this man and seeing him like that makes my heart ache.

As a fan myself, I love Yamapi; I long to see him in person, I would love to shake his hand, I would be delighted to even be in the same building as him. I have entertained ideas to greet him and NEWS at the airport and have tried to find them when they were near my area. But I don’t think I could bear to see Yamapi have to suffer like he did, and I definitely wouldn’t be able to bear being the one who caused that kind of trauma.

Mostly in the US but also the entire western world, there is a big paparazzi culture. Photographers make their living stalking celebrities, mobbing them, reaching for them, shoving cameras at them, screaming questions and remarks at their face, forcing them into terrible situations – I can’t think of a more fitting example than what happened to Princess Diana. These are the types of ruthless actions that people use to exploit celebrities at any expense to the celebrities themselves.

If you are so “in love” with your idol that you yourself would rush him, claw at him, scream in his ear, shove your camera right in front of his face – do you really love him at all?


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how horrible…so close to his birthday too…

Comment by cynth


Comment by yamapilove

Poor guy. >_____> Those fans, really were over the top. I always felt he looks strained and tired lately, with his new movie tie-in Kurosagi and working with NEWS. Sighs, he seriously needs a break. After seeing this, I do wonder what he thinks of fans overall.

Regarding the Korean Entertainment industry, wow, I never knew those fans were so hardcore. O__O I was never all that interested in Suju or Wonder Girls…Though I do wonder what will happen when Morning Musume tours in the summer. How crazy can it get?

Comment by semified

oh dear god.
That is just horrible.

Comment by blackmager

I love yama p. It’s his birthday today. Happy birthday, P chan.

His diary (04.08.2008) shows he is so tender to his fan even they offended him.

Comment by sky

First,,happy b-day to Pi….about the incident,,,he is with Yuu,,,hmmm,,I’ll die if I were him….cant breath,,,getting harrassed like that….less of oxygen,,,wuuuhhhh,,,no air….T_T

Comment by nakamacchi

me to0.. i agree with what you say.
we are the same i feel what you feel for what happen to him..
me too i love him very much!! ^__^

Comment by jhoanna

i want to cry now! it seems like he handled the situation amazingly well; i’m only grateful that no lasting damage was caused–at least physically to him. D:

Comment by belle

I definitely can understand the heart ache. ah
thats so rude
i love yamapi ❤
gosh and right before his birthday too

Comment by Jaimee

i agree with every thing u said 😦 they r so rude they are his fans they shouldn’t do this it’s so mean 😦 **cries** mean fans 😡

Comment by greeny

noo the short video is removed from youtube. do you have another other site that i can watch that? poor yamapi ><

Comment by grace

@grace: all the original videos I had were taken down by youtube; I can’t find the first video, but I have a download link to the second video in the post now.

Comment by oroitsme

poor yamapi… but he handled himself well.. nice work!

Comment by footbolera

aww, i fell sooo bad for yamapi ;^;. but at least pi-chan knew what to do.

Comment by aya-chu~

i think security airport should help to control the situation. i’m happy that he is ok.

Comment by p-fans

his bag even got lost.. kawaisou~
its his fault tho.. even though its a “secret trip” he should have rented bodyguards.. news spread easily..
but of course.. we must be mad at the korean fans.. whoa.. id also love to meet him in person, but i wont do this. no no. yamapi will hate korea now. hehe

Comment by yan

yeah i should say that this behaviour was absolutely uncall for and disgusting. these fans should get a hold on themselves. i may probably be bias on my part as i am not and most probably will never be a korea fan, but this level of supposedly ‘fandom’ is just way too much for anyone to handle.

Comment by nene

THOSE FU*KING PSHYCO BIT*CHES r out of there mind……
im REALLI gald that he was ok…..

nd bsides WHY DID THEY HAV 2 TOUCH HIM??????? =.=”


Comment by jammy S

i just watched the video..poor yamapi.those fans are monster.i’m sure yamapi will say that too. why are they doing this to their idol? i don’t understand.
i’m sorry if one of his Korean’s fan read this..
i just wanna say all this cause i pity on him.

Comment by CiehaHeartJunno

some people.
i agree with you 200% to whoever wrote this report! its painful to watch. it shouldnt have happened at alL! im sure if they were shown the videos of themselves they would be ashamed. anyone would be. its inhumane. and theyr not realy considered fangirls to be honest, more like animals. i completely agree with the last line. how can they love him if they can so easily harm him and torture him like that. the extent of my disgust is inexplainable in words.

Comment by o.o

I can’t believe that those Korean people would do such things! When i see him walking through those FANS, i can feel that he is in pain! IT’S JUST RIGHT BEFORE HIS BIRTHDAY!!! I just getting started to hate korean fans

Comment by T_T

Do you still have any of this videos? I would like the 2nd one? It seem like it’s from a fan cam… the MF link doesn’t work anymore.

Comment by liz




[…] the fans are different too. Like this post here (Poor Yamapi). From the post, it said this “ If there’s one thing I’ve found inherently […]

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