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Matsujun and Higuchi Shinji – at USC!

On Sunday, April 27, University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts will be hosting the Los Angeles premiere of the remake of Hidden Fortress: The Last Princess. After the movie, to appear at the Q&A (this is a school after all) afterwards are director Higuchi Shinji, special guest Anthony Daniels, and lead actor Matsumoto Jun.

Okay, I’ll be honest: Higuchi Shinji (Evangelion, Lorelei: the Witch of the Pacific Ocean, Sinking of Japan) is the bigger star of the show here, as is Anthony Daniels (Star Wars). But I’m an Arashi fan, and let me be glad that this is yet another step for Arashi (and Johnny’s Entertainment, and Japanese stars as a whole) to get into American entertainment.

I don’t understand the choice for the event too much, as I’m not familiar with films – why a premiere instead of just a showing? Why USC? Why this choice of guests? Subtitles? How is Anthony Daniels related to this at all? Is my guess that USC is filthy rich and thus can invite everyone and get a premiere just because they want to correct? – but this event should be interesting.

As I’m probably unable to hop on a plane down to LA that weekend (I am very sad about this), I haven’t looked up tickets and how to obtain them, but all information regarding the event is here for any interested parties.


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hmm the poster of the movie looks interesting if the movie is.

Comment by renaye

I believe star wars is based off of the Hidden Fortress, which is original film by Akira Kurosawa. Hence the connection with Anthony Daniels.

and its free! you just rsvp through the event site.

Comment by kanno

Thanks for the info kanno! (: Oh wow if the original is good enough to inspire Star Wars, I really need to check it out some time.

Comment by oroitsme

Well, this is LONG past, but basically: George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, said that his inspiration for the movies was from Akira Kurasawa’s movie, “The Hidden Fortress”. Well, since they were doing the re-make, they wanted to show it at the LUCAS FILM SCHOOL at USC (where George Lucas also graduated).

He liked the idea of the story being told from 2 outsiders’ POVs. That’s why he had the two robots in Star Wars: C3P0 and R2-D2.

Well, Takezawa (the character Jun plays) was one of those two people.

So that’s how that all tied in together. And why the guy, Anthony Daniels, who played C3P0 in SW, was there too.

Also, that month was a Japanese films (festival? showing?) month, but I don’t know how much that had to do with anything?

Comment by liz

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