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Ikimonogakari – Kaeritakunatta Yo
March 29, 2008, 10:49 pm
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Ikimonogakari will be releasing their next single “Kaeritakunatta Yo” on April 16th. The title song will be featured in the movie Sunadokei, and the b-side “Nokori Kaze” will be featured in a Bleach-related DS game.

The movie Sunadokei will be released on April 26th. I know nothing about it except that it appears to be based on a shoujo manga by Ashihara Hineko that dealswith a love story that delves into the present, past, and future. (Besides, anything titled Sunadokei (hourglass) is destined to be a sobfest.) I’m not familiar with the manga, but it looks to be a bitterly romantic movie.

And to match that romance, “Kaeritakunatta Yo” is much more of a sentimental ballad than pop rock jams the band usually releases – the song strongly features strings, piano, and acoustic guitar. Vocalist Kiyoe’s voice works so perfectly well for this song, conveying a feeling of slightly bittersweet longing. At least, that’s what it sounds like; I haven’t looked up the lyrics at all, but that’s what it feels. The video without movie clips is pretty bland, with the trio performing in a dimly candlelit room with an orchestra – pretty scenes, but boring viewing.

Still, the song is fantastic – once again, Ikimonogakari does not disappoint. I’m excitedly anticipating live performances of this song – this is a beautiful song that would benefit even more from the raw quality of lives.

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