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alan’s Chinese blog!
March 25, 2008, 5:08 pm
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Possibly one of the greatest things I’ve stumbled on in awhile – alan’s Chinese sinaweb blog!

Wait, wait, don’t roll your eyes and press “back” on the browser yet!

Yes, pretty much every Japanese artist has a blog. alan does too, on ameblo. But those blogs are “official” for a reason – it has exactly the kind of things artists should display. Female artists usually have the same schtick: talk about their day, take a cell-phone picture or two of themselves or their clothes or their nails, promote their singles.

I love the photos and to hear about their days, but it’s all kind of impersonal.

On alan’s Chinese blog though, she lets loose – I’m not sure if avex is secretly running it too, but the whole blog seems so personal. The layout isn’t perfect and photoshopped – it’s often changed and looks like various site defaults. The layout has a smattering of applications and pictures that look like the blog of any other girl on the internet. She does her self-promotion, of course, by embedding her music video, but she also has a music player that, right upon loading, plays “Apologize” by One Republic.

Yes, alan listens to One Republic.

And on her blog, she talks about more than just “worked today, Japan is beautiful! have a picture of me” like on her Japanese blog – she actually talks, about her life, about her opinions, and towards her readers. She includes pictures of her that are huge, and often inserts fanworks like fanart and fan-made promotions. If I didn’t know she was a singer signed with avex, it would’ve seemed like she was any other pretty girl writing a blog.

Who knows, maybe avex holds some control over what she says – either way, the way she actually talks to her fans just seems so friendly and genuine – for example, on her latest entry, she ends with

Thank you to all my fans… you always show me support and care. And also the presents… right now I have a whole cupboard-full, you all don’t have to buy anymore. Especially foods… and always, if it isn’t chocolate, it’s other sweets. Do you guys want to see me become a fatty…

The girl has a sense of humor too.  I like it. (:

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