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The Secret in Arashi’s Pants
March 20, 2008, 1:05 pm
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Remember hearing about Arashi’s new prime time variety show? The one that will focus on “social and cultural topics” that tokyograph made it sound all serious and stuff?

“Himitsu no Arashi chan” will start airing on TBS in April. They’ve held a press conference for the show. Now, I don’t know if they will be talking about social and cultural topics… but what I do know is, their promotional poster consisted of member’s secrets that you can get… by unzipping their pants.

(Let me just say it now: Aiba and Sho are looking gooood. Nino, please get a haircut.)

And if that promotional stunt isn’t enough for you, just what are these deep, thought-provoking secrets that you can get from Arashi’s pants? (from ames_909 at LJ)

Ninomiya Kazunari
To be honest, lately, I’ve been using a vinyl bag.

Aiba Masaki
The number of times I’ve mistaken my TV remote for my cellphone and taken it out with me: four times.

Sakurai Sho
I don’t know how to tie my own necktie.

Matsumoto Jun

In actuality, my fly is unzipped pretty often too.

Ohno Satoshi
To be honest, even now I’m still afraid of Nostradamus’ prophecy.

Oh boys.

Just looking from the very interesting promotion, Arashi no Himitsu chan looks like a show to definitely check out. After all, if Arashi is willing to let us reach into their pants, the least we can do is watch their show. 😉

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My inner tomboy would now like to return to its point that Nino is really a girl with a penis (or at least, a bag secret) and this is hi- er, her way of acting out.

Aiba, prease to be keeping your hair like that. 😀 No more bleach, ‘kay?

Comment by Kimitsu


Comment by jetlyn

Lol@Aiba’s “cellphone”, Kawaii!!!! Jun’s unzipped pants…..hmmm.

Comment by Kusumi

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