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NEWS 2008-2009 Calendar
March 13, 2008, 12:04 am
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NEWS’ Johnny’s School Calendars this year had an interesting format description: the members will show you a part of themselves… in cans.

What they really should have just said was coasters, really.

(Photo from crazypilovee at LJ)

The NEWS calendar comes in an interesting format of coming in thin discs that can be displayed on their display rack. Each member has two months; you personally change the date discs. There are also clear plastic photo-only discs. The featured photos are simple and actually almost substandard, as the only available photos are the very simple ones on the discs and, aside from one large poster, there are no additional photos. The winning point would be the unique construction of the calendar itself, although I’m not sure how well it’d actually function.

(photo from oystersauce87 at LJ)

Another good point of this year’s NEWS calendar is the “My Favorite, Your Favorite” theme, because of the choice of photos the members had to represent themselves. Along with the standard shot, each member had five photos of random objects that represented themselves – and what they choose is interesting. (Original scans from Boys Paper)

Yamashita Tomohisa or Yamapi like we all know him starts things off and had the color white.
His objects are pretty self explanatory to fans who read his web diary and interviews, because they are all things he is easily connected with. He loves food and talking about his food, so the sushi, yakiniku and ice cream all correspond to this love. He is also a long-time promoter of MOW brand ice cream, which might be another reason ice cream is on there. He loves the ocean and in recent years have taken up surfing, explaining the surfboard. The bracelet has a star anise charm; it is unclear if he is trying to promote a message, or if it is just a current piece of jewelry he enjoys.

Nishikido Ryo is next, with the color black – fitting, as he is always portrayed as the “back boss” of the group.
The guitar shows his well-known passion for guitar, the soccer ball shows his interest in the sport, and the yakisoba show his interest for the food as well as adds in a piece of his Kansai roots, as yakisoba is a delicacy of Osaka. The seaweed looking food is less clear – it probably shows his devotion to a simplistic life. The couch is also hard to interpret, but it could possibly represent his self-proclaimed like of staying at home alone.

Next is Koyama Keiichiro, who has red/orange – he is the enthusiastic talker of the group.
The ramen, baseball, and macaroon are explained with his well-known obsession with ramen (his family does own a ramen shop), his activities in Johnny’s baseball team, and his love of sweets. The banana probably just represents a fruit that he enjoys, and the watch is probably a timepiece that he currently wears and enjoys.

Masuda Takahisa aka Massu is yellow – I wouldn’t expect anything less bright.
The toe socks shows his eccentric style; he loves swimming, so the swimming shorts show that well, if eccentrically. He loves his food, especially his gyoza, so the gyoza, what looks like sausage links, and pumpkin are all accounted for. A well-received solo song of his is also titled “Pumpkin.” His choices are simple – they show the image of him that all fans know and love.

Kato Shigeaki aka Shige is after, with the color gray.
Shige is someone that doesn’t really portray himself out in the open that much. The black coffee and key-ring-like object match the sophisticated image he almost unwittingly puts out. However, I never knew that he liked basketball, or enjoyed croquettes, or liked apples, tomatoes, and strawberries enough to devote a whole photo to them – now I do.

Lastly is Tegoshi Yuya, with the color… rainbow. Which I’d say isn’t that fitting nor is it a color, but I’ll go with it.
That beanie is something that he wears often. The curry is a food that he really likes; he also has promoted Vermont curry and Tongari corn chips. The sneakers probably represent indoor soccer, which is a sport that he loves; after all, had he not entered Johnny’s, he would’ve followed soccer. Lastly, he has a picture of toy dogs – a surprising twist. He has a dog, Tinny the papillon, that he dotes over, and it looks a lot like the dog in the lower left. However, the other three dogs are unaccounted for; based on looks, I have a suspicion they represent Shige and Yamapi’s dogs, although I’m not sure at all. If so, not only does it represent his devotion to his dog, it also represents his devotion to his bandmates.

Maybe I’m reading too much into everything, and they just chose random objects. Still, their individual choices do highlight each member’s different interests – it really does give them a chance to show their individuality and personality.

(And just fyi, If you want this set of coasters – I mean calendar – for your desk, you can still get it for now, but it’ll probably go out of stock everywhere soon.)

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my fren aptly called sakura kheme likes Ryo like i noe the reason Y ! hahahah

Comment by Tg armond jimmy

Hey, thanks for this. I would have enjoyed buying one myself.

Comment by solipsistic rian

I really luv Massu one! Good job! Really cute! But the swimming short makes him looks like a pervert ne? Demo..daijoubu desu! I always love massu anyway!

Comment by Machimassu

can i get any of dbsk calendar ?

Comment by Huda

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