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YUI – Laugh away
March 7, 2008, 11:59 pm
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“Laugh away” is YUI’s new song, and is used for Glico CM. It will not be released as a single, but will probably (most likely) appear on her yet untitled album that’s scheduled to drop April 9th.

For me, the first thing that comes to mind about “Laugh away”‘s music video is if it’s “Tomorrow’s Way” part two. Maybe I’m reading too much into unintentional parallels, but the two videos do share many of the same aspects: green grass, wide-spanning skies, a lone schoolboy, large white headphone, Lily-Chou-Chou hints. Or maybe large white headphones are just in style again.

Either way, the video itself feels free – there’s lots of nature and aerial shots, and has a casual and pleasant feel. The scenes are simple, but the way YUI and her band casually play on a grassy hill and her serenely frolicking amongst sakura petals is pretty to watch.

“Laugh away” is a softer pop-rock song that reminds me of her last year’s spring release “CHE.R.RY”. Even without looking at the lyrics, the breeziness of it conveys freedom and happiness. After a string of songs either fast-paced rock (My Generation, Jam) or melancholy (LOVE & TRUTH, Namidairo) it’s nice to hear YUI release a cheerful song again. It’s a great song – as always, YUI puts out high quality music.

Honestly, there’s really nothing I can pick at with YUI – I think some songs are a little better, some a little worse, but all YUI releases have been great. “Laugh away” is no different, and it’s definitely getting me more excited for the release of her album.


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Just to let you know, the YT video is no longer available.

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