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Leah Dizon – Love Paradox
March 4, 2008, 2:01 am
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Love Paradox” is Leah Dizon’s fourth single; it will be released on March 26th. It features lyrics written by Leah, and will be released on the same day as her new photobook.

If you need some background… Leah Dizon is an American car model with mixed Chinese, Filipino, and French heritages. She was increasingly popular in Japan for her gravure work, moved to Japan to release more gravure works, became a television talento known for cuteness and halting Japanese, and started officially releasing music in 2006.

She’s pretty mediocre in dance and terrible at live singing, which is usually behavior I’d write off as being “idol-singer, not real music” – except her music is shockingly – well, good.

“Love Paradox” deviates sharply from her previous works; instead of cute bubblegum pop, it leans more towards hip-hop. Her voice sounds deeper in this. Her image matches with the song – the video has a sleek and sexy dance sequence that reminds audiences that before Leah Dizon smiled and peace signed into their hearts, she did some pretty hardcore gravure. The dance sequence was really nice though – I might have to reevaluate my previous judgment of her dancing, because in the video it looks pretty tight. ๐Ÿ˜€

I don’t really understand the direction they went for the rest of the video by having Leah dress like like a Victorian lady – it’s not too flattering to look like a prim schoolteacher. The somewhat burlesque dance sequence was kinda creepy at times and didn’t match the heavy hip-hop rhythm.

As for the song, “Love Paradox” is mediocre; I prefer her last two singles to this. I have an issue with someone who’s perfectly fluent in English singing in a broken Japanese manner. The song is pretty toneless until it reaches the chorus, which is what takes the song from bad to okay – the chorus is unbelievably catchy. All it took was one play to have me singing “am I fal-ling in love~ I got-ta take con-trol” like I’d known this song all my life.

With Leah Dizon, I always have a dilemma of liking her or not – I have no automatic fondness towards gravure idols, her musical talent is really lacking, and her main selling point is just being hot. Since I’m immune to the hotness factor, this usually breaks the deal for a female artist, but her songs just always turn out so infective. Which goes to show – you can go a long way with digital vocal alteration and a good songwriter.


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she’s TOO cute. -__-;; what the heck though, this song isn’t good. bring back the bubblegum pop!

Comment by cynthi


็ด ๆ™ดใ‚‰ใ—ใ„้Ÿณ


Comment by Nene

you do know she wrote the lyrics to this song right?

Comment by Ayre

the song is not that great.. but i like to listen to this song.. it reminds me how leah do her sexy dance in the video hahaha >:D

Comment by drinji

i think she is really hot… lol, and in response to ur last comment: a good songwriter, digitally altered vocals, and great packaging from the company gets u a long way.

didn’t she say she wanted to quit cuz she can’t handle the stress of being in the japanese entertainment industry anymore?

but anyway… it’s amazing how much image counts for in the entertainment world. and i liked LOVE.U better than this song, too… but this one isn’t so bad…

maybe she should make someone else sing her songs for her and then just lip sync every time. from what i can hear, her singing is a little bit hopeless. as in, there isn’t really much potential for her to improve.

Comment by alina

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