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Kanjani8 – Wahaha
February 29, 2008, 3:04 pm
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Kanjani8’s single “Wahaha” (yes, seriously, that’s the song name) will be released March 12. Supposedly, the song celebrates “entering school, graduation, meetings, and break-ups” – all at the same time.

Kanjani8 music has always been either hit or miss with me. Their songs are always humorous, and have in the past contained Kansai references. Musically, though, sometimes it’s enjoyable, and sometimes it’s anything but; I really loved “Zukkoke Otokomichi,” but “It’s My Soul” was a little painful for me to listen to.

“Wahaha” is, unfortunately, something I wouldn’t listen to. Parts of it are okay, not anything extraordinary. The chorus part puts me off though – the “Ketaketaketa” and the “wahahahaha” parts grate of my nerves.

Which is a shame, because the “Wahaha” video is great. It’s more than great; it’s pretty brilliant. I like it because it has a laid-back everyday vibe (a la Arashi’s “Happiness”) in a bathhouse, does NOT feature bad costumes, and is just generally dorky without being campy. They are just all happy, and dorky, and just like they’re having a great time without neon lights and bootyshorts this time. And check out the ending – completely random. The entire thing is adorable.

(Oh yeah, it’s totally not obvious who my favorites are)

Kanjani8 has an issue of trying too hard to be funny sometimes – extraordinarily weird costumes, over-exaggerated faces, and violent/flailing gestures. And while the video has all of them, it’s toned down quite a bit, so people who aren’t complete fangirls can also enjoy this and not be scared away.

The video is good, but as for the song? However much I can and will watch the video, I’ll still have to skip on this one.

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NO BOOTYSHORTS? haha ;D subaru is so cute with the short hair!

Comment by cynthi

@cynthi: Definitely agree about the Subaru hair. 😀

Comment by oroitsme

[…] Kanjani8 – Wahaha […]

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subaru looks so young with that hair
kawaii ^^

Comment by massu_rocks

ahha bootyshorts xD it’s so true this video is adorable, i love it. after watching the pv a few times, the song will probably grow on me. that’s usually how it works with their songs ^^;

Comment by anu

hi there! love reading your comment!

I really like Wahaha’s melody, but I don’t like the wahaha part…thank God the other 2 songs in the single are like one of the best in recent years! have you eard the preview of the other songs?

Comment by whitedove

@whitedove: I liked “BJ” but not the other one, but as b-sides go neither of them stand out too much to me; although, really, I haven’t heard enough Eito B-sides to compare. XD

Comment by oroitsme

i love this song. it’s make me laugh..( i don’t know why ) ^.^

Comment by CiehaHeartJunno

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