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Arashi’s surprising first week…
February 27, 2008, 3:32 am
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If there’s one thing we all know about Japan, it’s that Japan is insane and however integrated and educated of their pop culture we are or think we are, we’re still all dumb gaijin and will never really know what they like nowadays.


Sure, we know that Johnny’s fangirls have cash to burn, Koda Kumi albums will always top the charts, KinKi Kids will get #1 on Oricon. These are expected. If anything changes (KinKi’s record of number 1 singles finally stops, people actually really start to dislike Koda Kumi’s music) it’d be shocking.

But did anyone anticipate that a temporary duo formed for a school drama with two Johnny’s idols that integrated Spanish into cheesy lyrics (Shuji to Akira’s “Seishun Amigo”) would become one of the country’s top singles, two years in a row? Would you have bet good money that, after years of the top yearly single being pop artists like SMAP, KAT-TUN, Hirai Ken, and Ayumi Hamasaki, that 2007’s top selling single (“Sen no Kaze ni Natte”) would be classical, from a tenor?


When Arashi’s “Step and Go” PV went out, foreign fans were all generally pretty blase about it; the music video was simple and cheesy, the song was old school, aww no way that this is as good as “Love So Sweet,” at least they still have the rainbows.

Then Japan goes and adores the single; in one week, it’s sold 324,223 copies. That’s the highest first week sales they’ve had for years, even the incredible “Love so Sweet”; that’s higher than the total sales of a lot of their singles; heck, who in Johnny’s tops 300k first week now besides KAT-TUN? Who tops 300k first week at all? Does Japan really like retro pop? Do they really like the C1000 CM song? Were they finally completely drawn in by the rainbows?

I’m glad that Arashi’s single is so successful; I just wish I knew why.

Still, congrats to Arashi!

(Unfortunately, I predicted that NEWS’ “Taiyou no Namida” wasn’t as great as their other singles… and it’s turning out to be true. 😦 Go buy, fangirls, buy!)


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arashi gambatte!!

Comment by jetlyn

im actually quite disappointed because when i first saw the MV for Taiyou no Namida I was impressed because it seems more mature and i personally like the lyrics.
Sad to say i guess people arent ready for a mature news as for arashi hmmmm…i still dont understand why- one theory would be: the matsujun hook

love so sweet became a hit because of HYD so i gues when Kurosagi finally hits theatres then we’ll see n_n

Comment by kath

[…] Single – Step and Go! – and its amazing first week sales. (Read the post i’m talking about here, and watch the MV for this single here) I don’t know much about the market (am learning) cos […]

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Step and Go is one of the best Arashi singles… much better than LOVE SO SWEET.. I love that song too ((Now.. but it took me some time to like it)) However Step and Go went straight into my heart.
I like their PV because it’s simple still says alot!! I like the colours against the white background!!

Arashi ~ for dream 🙂

As for NEWS – Taiyou no namida – Its a more “grown-up” song and it’s cool to see a new side of NEWS.. its nice to see them mature.. but if you also listen to their latest album (Pacific) you’ll notice that NEWS has grown..

Comment by Soobin

haha, well theres Arashi for you

Comment by :)

[…] give up trying to judge Arashi; I was obviously wrong in being critical of “Step and Go” (which the performances later brought me into loving […]

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……i actually love step and go (though truth is my no 1)…it’s sort of what help me become an arashi fangirl….^^’..the melody is nice and the ohno parts are total win lols…i loved it when i heard his “rolling, rolling on~” bit

Comment by Kei

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