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Arashi – Step and Go
February 8, 2008, 7:45 pm
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Step and Go” is a new release from Arashi to be released 2/20. Its B-side was the song for C-1000 Lemon Water, of which Arashi advertises.

My first thought when this started playing was “oh my god, it’s so retro.” And by retro, I mean both sounding 80’s inspired and Arashi-retro – it reminds me of some of their earlier discography, although I can’t put my finger on a specific song it resembles.

The video features the members doing various dancing, singing, and just generally standing around in front of a white screen. I always love how shamelessly Arashi, a group of five grown men, embraces their rainbow colors – even if it’s at the expense of looking like a fashion victim -no, disaster – like Nino. (Really, now, magenta print shit with a butter yellow cape?) It’s overall cute and simple – it’s just the boys singing with each other, with nice slowed-down glamor shots for fangirls.

I really, really like the video; it’s not as extravagant as some of their other videos, but it all works together so well. I think the way the members are all having fun together, bright and colorful against a bleak background, really visualizes the way and possibly the reasons fans like me love them. …I realize it sounds cheesy, but that’s how I feel.

The CM above has the B-side song. “Step and Go” is an okay song. It’s still catchy but not magnificent, because the tune is just not that memorable. Compared to releases of theirs in the past year or two, this is unfortunately one of their weaker releases.


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This is one of the songs that sound like Arashi’s new song.

Listen to the first verse of the chorus, that’s the one that sounds like the verse for Step & Go.

Or maybe it’s just my hallucination. xD

But mostly, the song sounds like it suits V6 more than it does Arashi. V6 is afterall, much older. xD

Comment by Raid

poor nino. that really is an awful outfit.

still ❤ arashi though

Comment by celestia414

“Really, now, magenta print shit with a butter yellow cape?”

LOLS! I totally giggled reading this… ^^

When I first saw Nino’s outfit, I literally wanted to kill the designer that thought putting Nino in a poncho-like outfit is a good idea… -_-

I swear… Poor Nino…. T_T But he is just so dorky, I can’t help but laugh at him… >o< HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Sorry, Nino… ^^

Comment by Mel

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