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Yamapi in anan
February 6, 2008, 9:29 pm
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Johnny’s artists usually portray good clean boys, but there’s a few who have had infamously naked photoshoots. Kimura Takuya has, of course, had his share. In recent years, anan magazine has featured full-nudity with female model photoshoots with Okada Junichi of V6 and, a year ago, Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun.

And with the release of February 13’s anan volume 1597, Yamashita Tomohisa has joined the ranks of Johnny’s who bare it all.

Compared to Matsujun’s shoot last year, Yamapi’s is extremely risque, with him posing in suggestive positions with an Ukranian model. Personally, I think the shots are awkward, and Yamapi looks like he’s angry and would rather be somewhere else, with clothes on – but hey, I’m not complaining that they feature him in something like this. I’ve included the scans, courtesy of (probably not safe for work).




I’d say there’s too many shots of kissing and sexual positions, but still. Sexy.

This is nice publicity for Yamapi and NEWS; it portrays Yamapi in an extremely mature, sexual way, as opposed to the good-boy images that he had embodied for years. Although he had been leaning towards a mature image for awhile, this photoshoot has really kicked him over the threshold. Also, after Matsujun’s anan shoot, Arashi had a wildly successful year, and the fangirl part of me is hoping that the same will happen with NEWS.

My problem now is to find out how to get my hands on a copy of this issue since I can’t get to my nearest Japanese bookstore anytime soon.

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I support yamapi all the way and i agree that this was going to happen.
Noooo .. Basically
ANAN is a magazine for adult women between the ages of mid-twenties and above,
once every year they have a sex issue , which is what yamapi was doing , dont worry thought he was just posing for the magazine , not actually having sex with her, therefore these pictures were NOT made for fan girl consumption, he was helping out the magazine, promoting himself and the new movie(kurosagi) , and i would like to have everyone know , it was the most quickly sold out one they have had in years !
From Pi’s J-WEB – 9.02.08 (today)

It’s cold!
Please let me off.. I really feel like saying this.
Even the news mentioned the snow

From tomorrow onwards, it’s summer (laughs)

Changing topic,
There was strong response to Anan
Ever since it’s on sale, I have been receiving mail from 5 people daily.
In the past, I didn’t even receive a single mail (laughs)

The content of the MAIL is:
Sugoi. You really stripped?
Something like that

Yes it is really ero (laughs)
But this is my job!

I have been working hard and beseech everyone to look at it.
A record of me when i’m 22 (heart)

Comment by Lola

This is really shocking… as in to the max. I was looking for Pi’s old dramas on ebay & I was stunned when the magazine showed Pi making out w/ a foreign girl. I thought he was going porn or something. Then of course when I read other opinions on common blogs, It dawn to me that maybe this isn’t bad as it appears to be. Gotta admit this is a different side of him & he looks extremely HOT in it. (“,) Ooops, by the way the magazine was already sold when I checked on it after 2 minutes.

Comment by crazy4Pi

The photos were very nicely and tastefully done… Yamapi has really matured and became more versatile as an artist. He looks so bad it’s good! Yum! EXTREMELY HOT!!! ^_^v

Comment by kitsuneMD

wow thanks for that lil explanation =)
haha, good on him for trying something different i guess =)
okay. i’m pretty obsessed with heights…but she seems a lot taller than pi lol. ukranian people have the height..i’m jealous x_x;
interesting pics though. thanks for sharing =)

Comment by turtle.

well said guys.
i am DEFINITELY sure that yamashita-san knows what is he doing.
whether he did this photoshoot for publicity or trying to potray himself as a mature-man, it’s really up to him.
as long as there is no injured third party, it’s fine then.

Comment by linoasuka

two of the first things that stood out: 1)YamaP has really chisled abs.
2)he has a pink belly ring…
then the next thing that stood out was… is that a Louis Vuitton blanket? :O

Comment by kitty

anyone knows if we could get kurosagi dvds/cds in USA?
and umm…
where do you kind his diaries?

Comment by Pudding

hello ! my bestfriend like and love yamapi alot .. haha can we have his/your latest pictures. coz we are looking forward to see you. muah !

Comment by chas ..

The model girl is 175 cm tall and Yamapi is much shorter
than a model.

Comment by Ruiskukka

Do you know the Ukrainan model’s name?Is she famous?
My friend saw th

Comment by Maria

OMG~ but did that girl really get to his yamapis *ahem*

Comment by Che

@Maria: I think some Chinese fans stalked her info down but as far as I know her name hasn’t been publicly released.

Comment by oroitsme

@oroitsme – hahha really? awww kk

Comment by Che

i tink i have to say that he is my pleasure..ya i have to admit it
by the way he is hot and he should do this more often!

Comment by Tg armond jimmy’s really…? i don’t belive, i like yamapi, but now i feel he not yamapi.
yamapi please say to me it’s lae. …!
n by the way, i like you in proposal die shakuzen, i like you style……………..!

Comment by tiara

man, whyyy that girll!!
she’s uglyy>.>
oh well atleast HE’S SOO DAMNNNN SEXYYY!!

Comment by loveesick

actually it hurts me and i feel so sad, i have no respect to this pics… but, yeach, i agree, yamaP is so hooot;p
but yamaP is beter in dressing or in topless
maybe this is one of many ways to show the world about his mature! not a bad job! but for me, never be a good anyway , gomen ne’!^_^

Comment by fee_yui

Could you please tell me, what was the content of the article about?? I mean the pics are great, but I more curious about the content of the article. I’ll appreciate if you could tell me. Thankx for the scans!

Comment by iXi

No~~~~YamaP!!! T_T I want the innocent, cute YamaP back!!!! *cries* Isn’t it a bad thing for him to do this? I mean he’s too cute…. and his melting smile and voice is enough for fangirls like me…poor YamaP…. (No offence to the magazine)

Comment by MurasakiPearl

@iXi: the article wasn’t related to Yamapi; it was a novel excerpt.

Comment by oroitsme

OMG! i cannot accept this things

Comment by pikachang

it’s really annoying me …
since I know about it, I’ve loss spirit.
don’t know why ???

but he’s hot there..
I’ll support him by the way,
Good luck for Yamapi.

Comment by love_ryopi

shinjerarenai!!! :-O

Comment by kaizen

The shower scene is a bit too much 0.o Without that picture, the photo series would’ve been okay.. I just don’t see any chemistry between them =.=” It would’ve been much more interesting if Maki was the girl in the photos ^^ Then, people would’ve rushed to see Kurosagi.. 😛

Comment by adella


Comment by youyeen

I’m ws a seriously BIG fan of Yamapi
and just looking at this made me effing cry to the max
this is just too sad
and even if this is for work
then it’s just gone to far…T_T
this is just too sad to even look at
T_T T_T *creates a flood of tears!*
oh well…he ain’t really my favourite
but i was definitely a big fan

xox Yiukarii

he’s does look a little cute though
this can’t be possibly happening though…

Comment by Yiukarii

yamapi is cool! and hot!!

Comment by colinemontano

Mature or what?! A little too personal here, Pi. Lol, and how he responded to it in his blog. “But this is my job!!” How cute. He probably felt a little awkward, with having to shoot all those ero-ero pics of him and a stranger. But nevertheless, it’s a great way to see how sexy Yamapi can be. He just has so many sides of himself. But this photoshoot wasn’t that bad, because all fangirls hafta do is paste their own picture instead of the model. It’ll make you feel much better. Anyhow, this was a nice way of showing hs great body. Nice tanned abs. And we got to see his velvety-smooth bottom! Yatta!! ^^ o, I’m not really that much of a perv, but w/e.

Comment by Sawwy

even tho this is from a looooong time ago, in fangirl years, it’s like, YESTERDAY! haha
Anyways, I don’t really see what the problem with this is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not any less of a fangirl about Yamapi than anyone else, but it’s completely his business.
Anyway, these pics weren’t even sex pictures. They were strictly business, and Pi was ONLY POSING. They don’t make me like him any less. Same with anything else like this that happens…may there be Arashi “scandals”, KAT-TUN “scandals”, or NEWS “scandals”, it doesn’t matter as long as they sing and perform just as well. I mean, besides their obvious hotness, isn’t that why we like JE idols?
(wow I’m totally preaching ^^) but anyways, these pics were pretty sexy, even tho their wasn’t any chemistry…No matter what, I’ll still love Yamapi cuz he kicks ass! ^^

Comment by Yoshi

wow nice!!! haha like it or not NEWS are growing up. i like it cuz i dont want to feel like a pedophile anymore.

Comment by new NEWS

i think there alright very sexy and since my nose didn’t bleed i think its fine. I didn’t think he had it in him and no matter what i support him!

Comment by whatever1230

is it just me, or are some of the photos of the model a biiit to revealing? like in the shower photo and the small photo on the edge of one page….@_@
and as another point, i doubt those that have a problem with the photoshoot entirely understand what “its my job” entails, i think that until you’ve experienced the pressure of being an idol like yamapi you can’t really judge whathe does for his career…
anyway..yeah..ranted a bit :/ gomen x

Comment by kurobara

…hum… my friend is big fan of yamapi..i think i will send her the nacked photos!!^^
but i’m very sad to discover that yamapi kiss with open eyes…i hate that.!!

Comment by nath

I was looking for something and ended up here. First I thought this must be some kinda interracial kinda stuff. I am not familiar with Japanese actors or models.

Comment by Kirby

[…] it doesn’t answer the question. So AnAn for Yama-chan anyone? Jin’s was so mature but YamaP’s a little tamer and even MatsuJun’s. I’m okay with the kissing shots but the full […]

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well, a bit shock, why he took such photo shooting? if he wanna to showed that he’s mature, he can used other way in stead of this, but one thing can’t denied is->he is extreamly sexy

Comment by san

You know the name of the girl? I can kill her! : D

Comment by kira

Well… really hurts he is to sexy *noseblead* yamapi it’s too cute and hot and waaa : D I could be alone I think…

Comment by Akiko

He could be alone****

Comment by Akiko

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i’m so shock from his pic!! yamapi don’t do this agian please my god!!!!!!!

Comment by Aүάмé

fuck yamapi is lucky to be in a photo shoot with that babe, he is puny little mofo hahaha

Comment by askdjklsajd

mau ngentot nih udah tidak tahan lagi

Comment by " Mbah Kromo "

I don’t know who this guy is but these are hot pics. The question is whether the magazine should’ve gotten a more beautiful girl to pose with him or perhaps take even sexier pics. Regardless I think the magazine did a good job they look hot together.

Comment by L

how could i read these anan megazine , especially this one since I’m not in JP?, look forward your reply , thks guys

Comment by Marita

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