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NEWS – Taiyou no Namida
February 5, 2008, 9:27 am
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Taiyou no Namida” (Sun’s Tears) is NEWS’ eighth single and is going to be the theme song for the Kurosagi movie coming in March that stars Yamashita Tomohisa.

I am such a huge, crazed NEWS fan (that’s actually still a big understatement) it’s really hard for me to be objective and not have fangirl explode out here, but I’ll try. The song is pretty Johnny’s – you know, easily sing-along kind of pop – but has middle eastern touches that make it noticeable. It’s not their best single ever, but it’s not bad. The song is a more mature-sounding release – think more KAT-TUN, less Arashi. I like their solo parts in the song, and I really like the ethnic accents. Overall, if you usually like Johnny’s releases, you’ll like this one too; if you’re not too hot for Johnny’s, then this one won’t change your mind.

However objective I’d like to be with their music though, there’s only one conclusion I can really make: this single, whether you like it or not, is freaking sexy.

This is almost a complete 180 from their previous release “weeeek;” instead of being bright and cheery, “Taiyou no Namida” is sleek, dark, and languid. The costumes are monotonal and sophisticated. The dance is also flowing and – okay, just watch it. Dark lonely ruins, pouring rain, and the boys alternatively dancing it out (“wet, in the rain!” my brain keeps screaming) and looking sexily moody as they broodily sing against a romantic European-styled building.

There’s so much right with this video. Yamapi’s red scarf! Tegoshi’s dancing in the front! Shige’s getting actual video time! Massu’s wearing socially passable clothing! Ryo is still hot and he knows it! Koyama is getting a lot of singing! They are either pouting deliciously or dancing and they’re doing it all in a raining Spanish harlem or something.

The two single versions have a total of three B sides. “Beautiful Eyes,” a nice romantic ballad – well done, but standard. “Bambina” is so far a standout: a techno infused song dripping with sexy vocals. Not only has it not been done by them before, the vocals are top-notch. A third B-side is “Lady Spider,” which hasn’t been leaked yet, but just look at the title – with a tantalizing name like that, it has to be hot.

Earlier, a movie version music video of the song was also released. It’s just an assortment of clips from the Kurosagi movie, and while as a music video it’s not too interesting, the clips make me excited about the movie.

Oh, and I love, love the ending:


We’ll always have Pi’s cups.


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OUTSTANDING voice and SUPERB vocal range!

keep up the good work, AWESOME!

NICE smile and GOOD intention!

ano sora e negai todoku tame ni, jibun wo shinjite kudasai…kono basho de minna-san no hane wo misete…minna-san tame ni, inorimasu…dakara ashita e to susumu wo!

Comment by linoasuka

[…] “Taiyou no Namida” is going to be released on Wednesday, NEWS has started their blitz of media appearances. […]

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