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Koda Kumi’s Suspension
February 2, 2008, 3:07 pm
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Koda Kumi has been suspended at least until the end of February for having made a remark on the “All Night Nippon” radio show that women over the age of 35 have “rotten amniotic fluid.” Although it was lighthearted and joking, her comment has caused an outrage that has caused Avex to stop her promotional activities for her album “Kingdom,” caused her to be removed from her promotional image for cosmetics company KOSE’s VISEE line.

Oh, Kumi, if there’s one thing I’ve liked about you in Japanese media it’s that you were able to surpass the Japanese media image of being quiet, meek, and cute and instead be loud, outgoing, and glamorous. But a comment like that was just stupid, especially when you’re in public, and most especially when you know that you’re a public figure that represents a Japanese female empowerment.

I think the Japanese are taking it over the top towards her comment, making it into a scandal resulting in a suspension at a busy time in her career. However, I do think her comment was over the top. Even in the United States, a comment like hers would’ve caused considerable public backlash. I can make rude jokes like hers when I’m with close friends in a private location, but common sense tells even me to not go into public and say something that would insult a large group of women as a whole, and my life doesn’t depend on my public image. She is a celebrity that is portrayed as a sexy, outspoken, confident woman, someone that men can drool over and women can idolize – her comment makes her seem petty, self-absorbed, and ruin her image towards female audiences.

This is reminiscent of other female celebrities who have done unbelievably stupid things in public that go against common sense, like Sawajiri Erika acting like a diva at her Closed Note premier, Abiru Yuu announcing that she was a thief on television, or Abiru Yuu’s other public offenses. Sometimes, girls, comments you’d make at home with your friends is not what you should say when tapes are rolling.

Sawajiri’s actions have turned her image from a dorama sweetheart to a cold diva; Abiru Yuu’s actions have made her a hated celebrity figure before she was even able to do much. Koda Kumi is currently one of Japan’s most popular icons; it’s unclear how this will affect her album sales, her upcoming concert tour, and her career and image as a whole.

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I hope her sales won’t suffer much. Yeah she probably shouldn’t have said it but really I think the consequences are too severe

Comment by musicisourhigh

i know shes saying it as a joke but if people KNOW its a joke, they shouldnt take it so seriously, and people on TV and radio insult many other people even jokingly (and when you’re on a show and talking, you dont really think about your career being a huge star and w.e you just do your job and be yourself, so what koda said really isnt bad in my opinion), so i dont really understand why people are freaking out on what koda kumi said even though theres worse stuff on TV and on television that just slip by. like on the radio i heard 2 weeks ago a talkshow, its like a…call here and i’ll help you fix probelms in your house (hahahha) and like it was a mexican girl, and she was calling and the guy was like “why dont you ask your mexican husband whos probably cheating on you who slipped across the border to fix your light bulb, mexicans are only good for yardwork. how many kids do you have? is it from that one border slipping dad? or you’ve been nasty and sleeping with other people” which is basically saying all mexcans do that. and he wasnt suspended from his talk show, i heard him on the next day. so really, i dont think what koda kumi said really is a big deal. maybe its because im a person who knows when people are joking or w.e and im layed back on comments, but still, theres worse stuff then what koda said that should be taken seriously.

Comment by Christiannn

i thought about it more and i put this in other koda scandal blogs, but i just want my opinion to be heard. and sorry for the second post haha

i really dont see whats wrong. i respect your opinion on this. but in my eyes. i see nothing wrong with what she said, they should get over it. i mean i read on other blogs,websites,ect and i read that the person brought up her managers pregnancy, and then asked koda when does she want a baby, so she said the whole fluid thing and shed want the baby by the age of 25. so even if she worded it differently, shed still be screwed anyway, cause lets say she gets asked that question, so she changes her answer to “i’d like to have a baby by 25″ instead of the whole fluid thing, then the person would most likely then ask her “why” and when she give her reason, either way shes screwed, if she said it in a better wording, itd still mean that woman over 35 have problems. you know what im saying? and also shes saying it from what she thinks, does she ALWAYS have to be politcally correct? if she thinks that its hard for woman over 35 to have babys, then whats the problem in her saying that? and shes not really dissing all people over age 35 cause isnt she gonna sooner or later turn 35? i dont think koda would be a hippocrite (i dunno how to spell that word hahaha) but yeah, i still respect your opinion on this whole situation. but this is my opinion. I JUST HOPE ALL OF THIS DRA-MA DRAMA IS OVER ❤ I LOVE KODA!

Comment by Christiannn

you are so obsessed with blogs.

Oh wow, that bites. I bet the Japanese are trying to copy the Americans which is to turn things that are not so bad into humiliation social disaster.

Comment by Kimmy

But even after all this, Kingdom ranks #1 on Oricon charts! GO KODA!!
I’m female, and even if I were 35, I wouldn’t get offended.

Comment by Tracy

i think basically all kuu was trying to say that having children when you are over 35 is considerably more risky than having them when you are younger… her fault is not thinking about her phrasing, and instead chose words that came across as offensive to make her point. avex is definitely blowing it out of proportion. the girl is in the public eye 24/7 and OF COURSE she is going to slip up sometime. you don’t tell a superstar to go sit in the corner and have quiet time and take away all of their privileges like a 5 year old. instead, allow her to make an apology like an ADULT (without the record company apologizing as well, like a disappointed parent) and reap the consequences of her words (poorer album sales, etc.). That is adult punishment. She shouldn’t be treated like a child at 25.

Comment by beth

@beth: I think avex is actually doing a fairly good job at damage control. The backlash isn’t coming from her fans as much as from the Japanese public, which already sometimes has a negative view towards her. I feel like if avex isn’t taking these actions, she’ll still sell records to her fans, but her public image as a cultural icon will suffer.

Comment by oroitsme

want her back on stage….
she would do anything just to sing on stage…

Comment by Karla Rittinger

Who gives a Shittake Mushroom!! We will always love our Kucchan.

It’s likely a distraction from their whaling!! lol anyway it’s very hard to be famous and always say the right things I don’t think anyone can do it.


Comment by Yamamoto Hayato

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