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Johnny’s 2008 Calendars

Johnny’s Entertainment 2008 school calendars (April 09 – March 09) for most of its groups will be released in early March. The calendars all differ in type from year to year, group to group. And, granted, they’re not as much calendars as photos in formats that happen to have dates stamped somewhere that are expensive and come with some extra goodies, so I thought I’d give an overview.

Oh yeah, for your reference, here’s the paper sizes.

Arashi is releasing theirs in A5 size – not that big, but what makes their’s the most interesting is that their extra is a cookbook. And after all those Arashi variety shows where they make and eat foods, a cookbook does seem fitting, not to mention extremely intruiging.

NEWS’ will be a desktop calendar, so size-wise it probably won’t be too big. It will come with an A2 sized poster. The calendar’s theme is “My Favorite, Your Favorite” and will come in the form of six cans, one for each member. How this will magically be set up into a desk calendar beats me, but I’m definitely interested.

KAT-TUN will have a week-to-week calendar in B5 size, so it’ll be small but probably thick. They are also going the gimmicky way and throwing in an eco bag, which is just probably going to be a cloth bag.

Tackey & Tsubasa’s will be A4 sized, and also come with a daily planner. Nothing weird, but their cover looks really nice; out of the released cover images, I’d say their’s looks the best.

Kanjani8’s will be a nice A3 size, and also come with a daily planner. No released cover yet, though.

Hey!Say!JUMP will have A4 size, and will include a cell phone strap.

And as always, there will be a Johnny’s Junior calendar (if you are a fan of the other few hundred little boys in the company) that is week to week – probably to accommodate all the juniors they have to showcase.

All of them are around 2000yen at Japanese retailers. You can order them at cdjapan, hmv, and yesasia. Yesasia prices on overseas demand, so you’ll see the prices inflated there. HOWEVER! Keep in mind that cdjapan and hmv will be charging you shipping, which even with slowest shipping to the US will end up costing more than the calendar themselves. So if you have around forty bucks to blow on a calendar, go for it.


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