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WaT – Yume no Tochuu
January 13, 2008, 7:44 am
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Raise your hand if you’re like me and breathed a sigh of relief that WaT’s new release next Wednesday, Yume no Tochuu/TOKIMEI☆DooBeeDoo, would be with the both of them again. Sure, their two solos singles did decently sales-wise, but I sure didn’t enjoy listening to Teppei nasally sing sugary sweet pop songs unharmonized and Wentz doing – whatever the heck he felt like doing.

Is it up to par with their bigger hits, though? Let’s face it, their WaT Collection album really didn’t do that hotly.

On first listen, I like the title song. It’s two boys singing a sugary ballad while strumming on their guitars with an orchestral background – just the way I remembered them. But then again, I remember them from this because it sounds like every other thing they’ve done – the midtempo, the simple guitar that swells with the orchestra, the simple melodies. It’s a good song, and gives you exactly what you’d expect the duo to come out with – if you liked WaT’s earlier songs, you’ll like this one too – if you can even tell them apart.

It seems like WaT can’t seem to release different music without doing it solo – which, from their two solo singles, seem to be a bad idea in itself. One of these days, hopefully, they’ll release something that doesn’t sound exactly like they took their old songs and changed a few notes in the middle.

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WaT songs sound awfully similar cos there’s not much you can do if you constantly have to use 2 guitars.

in any case, nice blog you have here! care to trade links? xD


Comment by Raid-kun

[…] lightly on their guitars – mellow, cheerful, and unmemorable. I don’t even remember what Yume no Tochuu actually sounds like. Still, I hold hope – I enjoyed a lot of their slightly earlier works […]

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i tart knowing WaT from comic book (lovely complex)n i was corius n in that book i also know that teppei play in gokusen2 tv series n i happen to have that movie n i like that movie a lot ok ……….
so i wonder witch one of them is teppei so i look in internet n i found that my fav one is teppei it self so i try look for they song n i quait like it. their songs give me spirit but yeah i cant find the different bettwen teppei n wentz but its ok
i like your blog give another opinion abaut wat in my point of view.
work hard ok ??????????

Comment by merry

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