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There’s a start to everything, I suppose
January 10, 2008, 10:40 am
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This is fly to high, a Japanese entertainment blog. I’ll be talking (or is it babbling?) about everything from music to movies to television to just unadulterated gossip.

As for a bit of a self-introduction: I was introduced to Japanese culture as a very young child, watching anime oldies like Doraemon and Sailor Moon. It was years before I realized that those cartoons were Japanese, and many more before I actually heard the Japanese language.

Eventually, I was introduced to Japanese music by word-of-mouth. The first artist I recognized was Utada Hikaru; the first jpop I owned was a pirated disc of Kuraki Mai my parents picked up for me on a trip to China. I had no clue what song was the newest, or the artists’ release schedules, or even the difference between A-sides and B-sides. All I knew was that these artists offered me a sound that was different from anything I’d ever heard.

Later, I also started watching Japanese movies, dramas, and television shows. Despite not being able to form a single sentence, torrents and fansubbers made it possible for me to enjoy Japanese media. I became fan of several Japanese musicians, bands, and actors. I can say confidently that I follow Japanese pop culture almost more than my native pop culture.

Which, in all aspects, isn’t a bad thing at all.


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